Online Bridge

We have moved our games online for the foreseeable future. Our schedule will be:

1pm Monday – 24 board duplicate

1pm Tuesday – 18 board duplicate

7.30pm Tuesday – 18 board duplicate

9.30am Wednesday – 18 board duplicate

1pm Thursday – 18 board duplicate

9.30am Friday – 18 board duplicate

The sessions will only appear two hours before the game time so you can only book in from then. Our duplicate sessions can be found by clicking on Virtual Clubs on the BBO home page. In the Virtual Clubs section click on Other Clubs – Other Countries and look for a game with Bridge Today in the title.

After logging in you may wish to check you have sufficient BB$ to pay the entry fee of BB$3 for the 18 board games and BB$4 for the 24 board game. When you enter, your partner should also be logged on to BBO to accept your invitation to play. If you don’t have a partner, click on Partnership Desk and add your name. You may see another player listed there so you can click on Invite to ask them to play. The director would appreciate entries at least 15 minutes before the game time to get organised.

Once you have registered your entry you can log off but be sure to be back online 10 minutes before the session time. If you have registered to play and are not online, you may receive a call to ask you to go online.

Matthew Thomson is available from one hour before game time to help you join the game and he will also be your contact during the game if your internet drops out or you have any other issues while the game is running. His number is 0432 993 582. If you have a guest, please text Matthew when you register with their BBO name so he can include them on our players list. This only has to be done the first time they join a Bridge Today duplicate.

New to online duplicates?

There are just a few steps to follow if you have never played online and would like to get started.

1.       Join Bridge Base Online. Go to and click on the red Login/Register button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Next click on the blue bar which says Become a member (free!). Fill out the membership page. You will need to choose a BBO username that has not already been taken. You won’t need to fill in an ACBL number. BBO will send you an email with a link that you will have to click to confirm your membership. When you first go into BBO it is worth having a practice by playing online hands in the Solitaire section. Try Just Play Bridge or an Instant Tournament to get some experience with an online session.

2.       The next step is to click on this link – BBO name form and fill out the form so we have you on our playing list. You only have to do this once.

3.       If you would like to earn ABF masterpoints you will also need to register with the ABF. The link to register with the ABF is You also only have to register with the ABF once.

Libby Birdsall has been helping players get started, showing how to register with a partner, how to find a partner on the Partnership Desk, updating the players list and advising about the intricacies of BBO. She can be contacted from 8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday on 9979 9099.