Supervised Bridge

Our online supervised bridge will run on RealBridge. In a RealBridge session you can see and chat to the other players during the game. In a supervised session you can also see the teacher and receive advice about what to bid or play.

To get the most out of this session you should have a computer with a camera and microphone or you can use an iPad.

Sessions cost $5. To pay click here.

To join the session please click on this link RealBridge Login link. Please enter between 9am and 9.25am. The session will run from 9.30am to 11.30am.

The login screen will ask you for your name and ID number. Please put your real name in the name box. In the ID number box you can add your ABF number. If you don’t have an ABF number, or have forgotten your ABF number, please leave the ID number box blank.

The Session Key for this week’s session is: ThanksGivingUSADay

On the session login page you should see yourself as you will appear to other players using your computer’s or iPad’s camera. You will also see a green microphone volume bar reacting when you speak or make a noise. Please phone Libby on 0425 212 213 after 9am if you have any problems entering the session.

After you click on the login button you will be taken to the main session screen where you can see the tables for the session. If you are entering without a partner just click on north, south, east or west at any table, preferably opposite another player. If you have a partner please enter at the same time and sit opposite each other at one of the tables.